Welcome to Nua Holistics

Welcome to Nua Holistic Ireland’s leading provider of Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) and Nutritional Therapy. Our approach to health and wellbeing is absolutely client centred- We believe by educating and empowering our clients via supportive nutritional choices and facilitating effective detoxification this can result in a profound shift to occur in ones body.

  • Colonics have changed my life. Within 3 weeks I feel so much better. More energy, less emotional and more clear headed!

  • After living with constipation as a private nightmare all my life, I am finally regular, thanks to the help, support and information from all at Nua Holistic.

    Anne (Galway)
  • I can't believe how much better my IBS symptoms are, the bloating and discomfort has improved so much.

    Catherine (Newcastle)
  • In one year I've lost 2 stone and come off my arthritis medication by attending colonics and adapting a new eating and lifestyle regime!

    Joan (Sligo)
  • I felt so at ease in the clinic, Antoinette was wonderfully warm and welcoming, I would definitely recommend anyone who's ever considered a Colonic to give it a go!

    Sean (Mayo)