Water is the most important substance in the world and without it, life on Earth would simply cease to exist.

Drinking water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins and prevents headache and fatigue.

Did you know just 2% dehydration leads to lack of focus and concentration issues. Water can assist with weight loss (and often we mistake a hunger cue for a thirst cue).

However it is important to understand that not all water is created equally and some come with a big cost for our bodies and/or the environment


The majority of drinking water (in Ireland) is both chlorinated (to kill bacteria) and fluoridated. This creates acidity within the body, which predisposes us to ill health. It upsets the microbiome  (gut bacteria) as chlorine can kill both beneficial & unbeneficial bacteria and it also affects thyroid health. This thyroid gland governs our metabolism (or the rate at which we burn energy or lose weight and is associated with a lot of unpleasant symptoms). In fact so important is our thyroid that there are thyroid receptors present on every cell in our body.

It is most wise to filter out these contaminants for both our and our families health.

In addition to filtration, we can prioritise our health and well being even further. This is through the process of ionisation. Ionisation involves sending an electrical charge through the filtered water via precious metals (platinum coated titanium plates). This splits the water molecule (H2O) into hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-). By drinking the OH-ions this water is able to act like a massive anti-oxidant (AO) energy boost to the body. This water is the equivalent (in AO terms) to huge bowls of blueberries & spinach. Isn’t this just remarkable technology?


Ionisation makes this pure water increasingly more bio-available to our cells. Did you ever drink a glass of water & feel it sloshing around your belly?!! Me too….not any more though. Since I invested in this Japanese Technology I literally feel the water hydrating my body within Seconds. Still not Convinced…..?!! Sign up for  a free 7 day water challenge!

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This alkalised ionised electrically reduced water acts as an anti-oxidant and donates electrons to unstable cells/molecules. These unstable atoms/molecules then become stable and are not in a position to oxidise skin heart or pancreatic tissue as seen in aging skin (loss of elasticity) heart disease & type 2 diabetes.

Wow, all in a glass of water!!


This remarkable Japanese technology changes the water molecule making it easier to drink more accessible to the cells. Resulting in increased health, vitality and wellness This FDA approved device are the strongest & most reliable on the market & after much research I’m happy to share this information with my clients.

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