My ethos is to approach each person with knowledge and compassion

The reason I initially fell in love with traditional medicine  is because it looked at me as a whole person   – not just a single symptom or malfunctioning body part. This time-tested medical system views any symptom, injury or condition as a sign that the body is out of balance. Treatment enables the body to effectively and safely get back to balance, resulting in decreased symptoms and a lower chance of future conditions from arising.

I partner with individuals to address their health holistically, while focusing on remedying their chief concern. Oftentimes, all the body needs is some gentle encouragement to realize it’s full potential for health.

My treatment style is based in classical tradition and incorporates a hands-on approach


Traditional Chinese medicine includes many techniques beyond acupuncture. I often use supportive modalities in a session including:


  • Red light and Infra red therapy
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Nutritional evaluation and counseling
  • Lifestyle evaluation and counseling

My Specialties

My specialties include physical pain & injury, women’s health, and emotional issues, but I regularly treat the enormous range of conditions that respond to acupuncture.


  • Sports injuries, back and neck pain, migraines


  • Infertility, pre- and post-partum, menopause


  • Insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression

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